Indo-Nippon Chemical Co. Ltd.
Di Methyl Phthalate (DMP) CAS No.131-11-3
DiMethyl phthalate plasticizer is a good plasticizer for various types of acetate plastics. DiMethyl Phthalate (DMP) has other applications as insect and mosquito repellant, carrier for catalysts, used in the manufacturing of organic peroxides.


Test Condition Value
Colour APHA 30 max
Specific Gravity 270C 1.135 - 1.139
Moisture Content KF Method 0.15 Max
Refractive Index 270C 1.512 + 0.002
Purity GC 99.5 %

Bulk in tanker loads, 235 kgs in MS or HDPE Barrels, ISO Tank