Indo-Nippon Chemical Co. Ltd.
Di Octyl Sebacate ( DOS ) CAS No.122-62-3
DOS is a non phthalate plasticizer used for PVC and copolymers for manufacture of sheets, film, leather cloth especially for low temperature flexibility and for non toxic application.

It is used as a lubricant in metal drawing and in manufacturing of greases for low temperature applications.

DOS has superior performance compared to DOA and find applications in place of DOA.


Test Value
Assay by Ester value 99% Min
Specific Gravity at 270C 0.910 - 0.916
Acid value mgkoH 0.5% Max
Colour APHA 50 Max
Refractive Index at 270C 1.4830-1.4834
Viscosity cp at 270C 25-27

190 kgs in MS or HDPE Barrels, 1 Mt. IBC, ISO Tank Container.