Indo-Nippon Chemical Co. Ltd.
Tri Ethyl Citrate (TEC) CAS No.77-93-0
Tri Ethyl Citrate is a speciality product for the cosmetic and fragrance industry. It is an ester based on citric acid manufactured to meet needs of cosmetic and fragrance industry, considering the toxicological safety for producers and end-users in sensitive applications.

Tri Ethyl Citrate has characteristic properties of being colourless, odourless, non-toxic in nature. It is manufactured from harmless raw materials like citric acid and ethyl alcohol. Since it is a high boiling liquid and slightly viscous, Tri Ethyl Citrate is a good solvent for many chemicals and resins used in manufacture of perfumery products.


Test Condition Value
Colour APHA 30 max
Specific Gravity At 270C 1.135 - 1.139
Solution Temperature At 270C 1.439 - 1.441
Purity by GLC 99% min

Supplied in 225 Kgs net weight drums or any other packing as per request